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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fashion Festival-stylo 2008

Salam to all the fashion followers! Fashion Festival-Stylo 08 will be coming soon to the city and paint the hole town Red! The festival will be around from 15th till 21st of Mac . Seronoknye! Yang bestnye i will be putting up two collections;satu bertemakan `malaysian bride',dan satu lagi high fashion meets drama[my forte,of course!]. Sekarang ni tengah berhempas pulas siapkan all the pieces.. got to go now coz benang i dah tersimpul ni! @#%!-  rizalman.


wanniey said...

is there anyway i could arrange an interview with you?

RIZALMAN couture sdn bhd said...

what interview?

wanniey said...

well, im currently doing a project on designing a retreat house for a fashion designer. and i chose rizalman as my client. i already sent an email to the admin. and they did reply me about few details on rizalman but it wasnt quite enough. and i did sent another one asking few questions but sadly i got no reply until today. that is why i thought it would be better if i can meet the designer himself.