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Saturday, March 29, 2008


finally the malaysian chose d right designer! :) it was such an awesome xperienced for me to be crowned as the stylo star award recipient-walaupun terpaksa berkongsi dengan micheal ong hmm.. tapi takpe yang pentingnye; kitaorang da membuktikan yang orang-orang lama ni masih ada taringnye. In my case,i've shown the best on what it takes for malay designers to be among other races and perhaps foreigners too. on 9th april ni, MIFA 08 da nak start dah-kicking off dengan event di The Gardens Ballroom to showcase designer yang akan participate.. nampaknye this year could be my most busiest year kot wit all these events coming up,so do stay updated. So,for those yang x dapat tengok my show and award ceremony night tu, u all can view them dekat alamat ni..http://videos.thestar.com.my/stylo - enjoy it!-rizalman

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